And the award goes to…

Go on, admit it. You’ve always dreamed of attending the Oscar Awards ceremonies, getting up there on stage, shaking hands with Billy Crystal while receiving a glowing golden symbol of your achievements. The adoration, cheering, laughter and applause… ahh, but what if?

It Could Be You

But wait. Your organisation really could have an Awards Ceremony. A chance to get out of the office, drink cocktails, wear your best bib and tucker and have a splendid time.

We’ll soon be approaching the best time of year to do it too – the end of summer lull needs a bit of sparkle. Holiday memories are already fading and the team could do with a lift to take them through the Autumn months.

Ladies, start picking out a fabulous dress, and gents grab your bow tie and polish your brogues. This could be the glitziest night of the year.

Award Ceremonies are fun!

One thing’s for sure; you could be in for some potentially raucous and outrageous entertainment. Think Jarvis Cocker mooning Michael Jackson or Michael Barrymore ripping up the Comedy Awards. Ahh, the 90’s… when TV was actually worth watching.

It’s time to start planning your acceptance speeches. Decide whether you’re going for a Gwyneth Paltrow tear-fest, ‘they like me, they really like me’ or maybe something more controversial. Just be careful, you still want to have your job at the end of the night.

Make sure you practice the nonchalant, ‘I don’t care’ look when you find it’s not you up for the Great Mate Award, just in case. And yes, of course, you must film the event so every toe-curling, cringe-worthy or laugh out loud moment lives on forever.

A great idea at so many levels

Yes, Award Ceremonies are a chance for you and your colleagues to get together in a luxury environment, have a fantastic meal, sink some G&T’s and let your hair down.

On a more serious note, it’s also a wonderful chance to give and receive some much-deserved pats on the back. Not to mention the PR benefits that result when you tweet and post some really cool photographs.

Invite the press if you want extra coverage; giving a reporter and photographer a free meal will guarantee many more column inches.

And there’s the added bonus that if you have a fuzzy head, you can leave the car where it is and stay in one of our luxury rooms or suites for the night. What’s not to like?

Go on, don’t hold back

So, decide who the funny one in the office is, they can do the Jonathan Ross role, treading that fine line between humor and offense. As long as they don’t lean too far towards the latter.

Decide the award ceremony categories; Absolute Top Dog, Most Improved Coffee Maker, Most Likely to Murder You in Your Sleep; that sort of thing. Throw in a few serious ones if you want.

Go on, order some impressive gongs from the trophy shop, then let us organise the rest. A great time is guaranteed!

If you need help let us assist you with your plans, call the events team now for information on 01242 245071 or email